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Oil furnace & boiler maintenance

We recommend an annual tune-up, cleaning & adjustment of your heating unit to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency, and to extend the life of the unit. Just as an automobile  tune-up can improve your gas mileage, a furnace tune-up can improve its efficiency and  save you money. What’s more, a system that is  regularly maintained will have significantly fewer breakdowns and will keep you more comfortable. Although tune-ups can be done at anytime of the year, we recommend scheduling them in the spring and summer months.  This will allow more flexible appointment scheduling for you.  Also, as the heating season progresses, scaling deposits can build up on  the the internal surfaces of your furnace or boiler. The sooner those deposits are removed following the end of the heating season, the easier it is to remove them.

Emergency Repairs mean Peace of Mind

You can’t predict when you’ll have a heating system breakdown.  Our skilled technicians are available when you need them to handle any of the unanticipated breakdowns that occur at the worst times.

We Can Be Trusted

Each and every one of our technicians and drivers can be trusted.  We hire people that we would feel comfortable having in our own homes with our family. They are professional, courteous, clean, and qualified to do the job. Our goal is to be responsive to you and your family’s needs every day of the year under any circumstances.
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